Mushipon Insect Light Trap MP-2000M

Mushipon Insect Light Trap MP- 2000M


• Product Effectiveness
The UV rays (65nm) attracts all kind of insects and pests and the resin glue on the gel tapes help to capture and   prevent them from escaping.

• High Safety without Any Pollution
Unlike the conventional insect zapper, “Mushipon” has no chemical effects and is completely safe to human.

• Clean and Hygienic
Mushipon has no odour and is silent. The use of the sticky gel tapes helps to prevent “zapping” sounds when the insects have been caught.

• Easy To Installation
Mushipon is user-friendly and is easy to install even by the housewife

• Suitable for:
All Food & Beverages processing manufactures, Hospital & Clinc, Supermarket, Clean room, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Ships, Hotel, Outdoor Cafes and restaurants, Bakery, Offices and many more!


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Product Description

Model MP- 2000M
Dimensions 705mm x 85mm x 235mm
Type Hanging Type(Metal)
Tape 2 Sided Tape(2-Pieces)
Voltage 240V . 50 Hz/60 Hz
Weight 3.5kg
Area of Coverage 30 – 50 m²




MP-2000M (ISTE)