At ISTE project team we can design your retail shop, supermarket , warehouse space to work with all of needs, and customize it specifically for you. We're able to understand your needs and provide solutions that increase efficiency and deliver a return on investment. Wherever, whenever, whatever, we can help. Just give us a call or fill out our enquiry form.


Planning & Design

We know the supermarket industry. You know your supermarket. A combination of our planners' expertise and knowledge of nation-wide trend as well as your specific demographic to create a unique store environment that caters to your customers.

  • Store Planning and Design
  • Innovative Fixture Planning
  • Prep area design/development
  • Equipment requirement drawings
  • Tennant requirement specifications
  • And more...


Project Management

Our project team will be responsible for coordinating the delivery of equipment and monitoring of the project progression from the beginning to completion to ensure that the needs of our customer have been fulfilled.



We provide installation service for all equipment, gondola shelving, racking system, machinery, security entrance system, warehouse racking system, stainless steel equipment, eurotable, F&V lounge type, checkout counter, refrigeration system and more....